Thursday, June 18, 2015

Ironlak Strikers | SHEM

Melbourne old-schooler SHEM (RDC F1 FBA) rocking off the top of the dome with Ironlak Strikers and Ironlak Fibre-tip pens on paper, proving once again that he’s here to stay. 1987 and beyond...

#ironlakstrikers #ironlakfibretip

Artist: SHEM. Instagram: @theartofshem
Shot/cut: Carl Allison. Instagram: @carlallison
Music: Griffi – Esto es Serio.

More info:

Ironlak Strikers:
Ironlak Fibre-tip Pens:

About Ironlak Strikers:

Ironlak Strikers come with premium quality Japanese made nibs in broad (8mm chisel) and fine (1mm bullet point) sizing dimensions — along with high performance Japanese alcohol-based inks that enable versatile blending and various stroke combinations across 160 vibrant colours.

Featuring a completely re-designed durable Poly-Propelene Tri-grip barrel and an air-tight lid that protects the marker from drying out whilst offering the user a more ergonomic experience.

The markers are packaged in a high quality canvas bag that doubles as a stand while drawing. Ironlak Strikers are also available individually.

About Ironlak Fibre-tip Pens:

Ironlak Fibre-tip Pens are perfect for adding fine/medium sized details to drawings. With a 1mm pressure resistant nib, the water-based ink fills paper with the artists’ choice of 24 vibrant colours.

Great for use in conjunction with Ironlak Strikers Tri-Grip Twin Markers.

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