Thursday, June 25, 2015

Vic Spencer & Tree | Weed & Clothes

Vic Spencer. Ugh...

It's almost time for the world to witness two of the most prolific MCs from Chicago shake a planet (as Vic would say) with a EP entitled VicTree (Victory), which drops Tuesday 6/30. This Weed & Clothes should be able to hold us off, but when I spoke to Vic he told me that he's been holding this record for 3 years.

"Yeah, we recorded that at Tree crib 3 years ago in his living room", Vic says as he reflected on how him and Tree started recording together. "Tree always wants to record-he's one of the most hard working guys I know. Tree chooses the artist that he likes to do projects with and thats what VicTree is. Vic Spencer on a visit to soultrapville. It's so different than anything that I've dropped. But I remained myself the entire visit."

Weed & Clothes is the beginning of a classic project. We will leave it at that. Vic Spencer and Tree’s joint EP VicTree drops June 30th.

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