Monday, June 15, 2015

djblesOne | MONSTERS | Official Vancouver Street Dance Festival Bboy Mixtape | VSDF 2015

Official Bboy Mixtape for VANCOUVER STREET DANCE FESTIVAL 2015! August 1st at Robson Square, downtown Vancouver, BC. One of my favorite events in one of my favorite cities in the world! I'll be djing there with some great friends! More info at the website: & FB:

July 31st for the dance prelims for everyone entering the competition & August 2nd for dance Workshops! #VSDF #VSDF2015

"The Vancouver Street Dance Festival (VSDF) represents our vision of the ideal Vancouver summer - a great day at a free festival that caters to all stripes of dance and music lovers in the city." - VSDF

This mixtape is a years worth of work making original music, beats & remixes, with a few rare dug up gems.


00:00 djblesOne - Don't Go Intro The Woods
01:29 djblesOne - Monsters
03:02 djblesOne - The Chase
03:48 djblesOne - Killa Beez
05:06 djblesOne - Zombie High School
06:37 djblesOne - Aliens
07:24 djblesOne - Attack Mode
09:09 djblesOne - New Detroit
10:32 djblesOne - Obstacle Illusion
12:25 Don't Talk To The Cops! feat Hollis - Animal Planet Rock Basement Remix (produced by djblesOne)
15:52 djblesOne in London
17:00 djblesOne x ESG - Insane (djblesOne bboy remix)
19:28 The New Mastersounds - Bondo Samba
21:58 djblesOne - Kumite (...the deal)
23:32 Mr. President - I Can't Go For That (djblesOne bboy bootleg edit)
26:00 djblesOne x Fear & Fancy - Solar Panels
28:06 Havikoro Presents: Free Radicals - Skateboarding Is Not A Crime
29:43 djblesOne - Breakdown
32:17 Don't Talk To The Cops! - Hella Rare Hella Based (produced by djblesOne)
35:24 djblesOne - Soul Power
36:22 djblesOne in Houston
38:00 djblesOne feat Ronnie Voice - Person Of The People
40:46 The Rebirth - Evil Vibrations
45:10 Faith Evans - Thank You's
46:48 djblesOne - New York
48:44 djblesOne - Wu Tang Forevers
50:30 djblesOne - Love
51:38 djblesOne - Outerspacetro

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