Monday, January 5, 2015

AlphaTrion (RftA/WMD) | South Got Something To Say

A b-boy mix featuring new and old funk, all stuff I've been playing at battles for years. If you've ever asked me about a track, chances are it's on here.

Part of a DJ’s job is education, expose people to new music. To that end, I’ve provided a tracklist for everything I played in the mix, if you download it. However, rather than providing just the artist and title so you can plug it in YouTube, I’ve only provided hints. It could be the name of a Label, a studio, an engineer, a musician, re-editor, a get the idea. You’ll have to do some googling. For newer artists I’ve made it pretty easy so you can get to their website or their label’s within probably one search, other stuff is gonna take some digging.

Along the way, hopefully you'll learn a lot more about the music of this culture than just a new url to bookmark. Thanks for your support.

Providing the mix for free, but if you dig it and want to support, there's a donate link above.

Artwork by A. Altenderfer (


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