Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Grandmaster Caz on Big Bank Hank "Rapper's Delight" Controversy

Grandmaster Caz sat down with VladTV and spoke on his connection to recently deceased member of the Sugar Hill Gang, Big Bank Hank, saying as his manager, Hank took credit for his rhymes that ended up on the now legendary track, "Rapper's Delight."

Caz claims Hank, as his manager, had a copy of a tape of rhymes he'd written, and listened to it regularly. Hank was rhyming the lines one day in a pizza shop when Sugar Hill Records founder Sylvia Robinson walked in and heard the bars, asking if he'd like to audition to be in the rap group "Sugar Hill Gang." Instead of giving Caz credit, he repeated his rhymes and won a spot in the group. Caz continues to claim that he wrote pretty much every word of Hank's verse on the Hip Hop classic, "Rapper's Delight." He also admits he didn't like the record when he first heard it.

Once the song became a hit, Caz admits he felt jerked that Hank got so many opportunities based on the lyrics he'd written. Check out the interview below.

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