Monday, September 1, 2014

Lancer x Nasty Ray vs. Prince Ali x Marty MacFleezy | Cell-E-Brate Allstyles Finals | Strife.TV

Allstyles Winners: Lancer and Nasty Ray

Since 1998, Cellspace has been home to various dance events such as Mighty 4, Solidify, Momentum, Who Can Roast the Most, Burning Sessions and other well known events. Sadly Cellspace will be closing its doors for good at the end of the 2014 year, however Vandor Whacko Hill and other dancers in the community will be hosting a final jam celebrating Cellspace and it's history within the bay area. The goal of this jam is to raise funds to secure a new practice spot in for SF dancers. This will be an all ages event so bring the kids and expose them to something great!

August 30th 2014

2on2 bboy battles
Profowon, Ajax, Nasty Ray

2on2 open styles battles
Judges: Mikey Disko, Politix, Power Serge

Emcee performances: Orukusaki & Mahtie Bush
Cellspace Honors ceremony

JusJones, Madd the villain, KoolRaul, Smokestack, Chungtech, Son of Jorel, Mane One

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