Monday, September 8, 2014

Classic Battle: Cassidy vs. Freeway (Put A Beat On)

The Cassidy vs. Freeway match is one of the most classic rap battles in Hip Hop, and has helped to play a role in the extreme popularity that the sport has gained over the years. While both men put forth a great effort, Freeway's request to put on a beat by the end of the battle was translated as a sign of forfeiting the match. Cassidy's relentless punchline style helped to influence the bar structures of many Battle Rappers who are popular today.

Interestingly enough, this battle was instigated by none-other-than Jay Z. Cassidy shared the backstory to his and Freeway's lyrical clash during a recent interview with VladTV, where Cassidy recalled Jay Z "talking crazy" and downplaying his lyrical skill. This lead Cass to challenge anyone from Jay's camp, which resulted in him exchanging bars with Freeway.

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