Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Phuture | Boiler Room Chicago | House Legacy Session

Chicago, United States (1985 – present) Phuture (nowadays called Phuture 303) is a Chicago-based acid house group founded in 1985 by DJ Pierre, Spanky, and Herb J (Herbert Jackson). Their 12-minute track Acid Tracks (1987) is one of several recordings that lay claim to being the first-ever acid house record.

“Acid Tracks” featured characteristic bass lines from the Roland TB-303 bass synthesizer—which was actually abused to produce sounds uncharacteristic for a bass guitar it was designed to emulate. The track raised to popularity at DJ Ron Hardy’s Music Box club in Chicago and has since been re-pressed many times.

Phuture released a great number of acid tracks now considered classics, usually as 12-inch vinyl maxi singles. Its only albums, however, have been Alpha & Omega (1997) — the first release since the group renamed itself Phuture 303 — and Survival’s Our Mission (2003), the title referencing the opening lyrics of the 1988 single We Are Phuture.

"THe PHuture will survive, THe PHuture will stay alive"!.

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