Monday, January 11, 2021

Shanti | MiniBeat Part 2 | 115BPM

So let me put you on again. SoundCloud is still a great place to digital dig for music. One of the leads in the bboy, bgirl community in making break beats might be this guy, Shanti. He always comes with the funky gems and hard to finds. Expanding my breaks for the get down if you know what I mean. If you missing out on it just visit him on SC.

Shanti | MiniBeat Part 2 | 115BPM


  1. Thanks for for sharing this bro!
    Take care!
    Regards, Shanti!

    1. Appreciate you Shanti, playing a lot of your music in the breakin' community here in the Chicago area and midwest.

    2. Ooo nice! would be nice to see some videos of some battles where i can hear some of my production? would be dope. thanksss