Thursday, January 14, 2021

MF DOOM | Hip Hop's Greatest Supervillain

When a famous person dies, it’s normally felt on a human level first. Through their artistry or interviews, these notable figures tend to divulge personal information about themselves. Family, friends, kids loved ones, pets, all things that they’re now tragically leaving behind now. But in the case of hip-hop’s greatest supervillain, MF DOOM, his death registered in a more individualistic way.

Rather than thinking of his last days in a conventional sense, fans immediately reverted back to the moment that they discovered this unique force in hip-hop, stylized like no-one else in his iron mask from which he delivered an endless stream of quips, one-liners and dazzling lyrical patterns. Whether you were put on to him by a friend, an artist you admired or just stumbled upon his expansive back catalog, for fans around the world, this was a formative experience, where the supervillain otherwise known as King Geedorah, Viktor Vaughan or Metal Fingers opened up a new world where the limits of what hip-hop should resemble ceased to exist. Due to this status as a cartoonish benchmark for what underground hip-hop could achieve, he felt like something otherworldly. - Pro

Narrated by Pro (@ProTheGoat)
Written by Robert Blair
Edited by Roman Bill
Music by @nk music

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