Friday, January 15, 2021

Nujabes | The Vinyl Instrumentals (B-Sides & Rarities) (Full Album)

If I know about one thing in life, you can't go wrong with some instrumentals. It's like vitamins, you need that ish. Shout out to DJ A-OK.

These are all vinyl only releases, and several of them have been hidden away and digitally unreleased until very recently! Big shoutout to the Nujabes & Hydeout Productions Restoration Project for uploading the last couple that were still unavailable. Check out their page for downloads:

DJ A-OK has compiled three collections (including this one) of Nujabes rare, hard-to-find, and vinyl-only instrumentals - combined, they represent every Nujabes instrumental not found on his official LPs, mixtapes or the Samurai Champloo soundtracks.

Art by An Y

Nujabes | The Vinyl Instrumentals (B-Sides & Rarities) (Full Album)

0:00 Blessing It (Original) (Instrumental)
4:25 If I Was your MIC (Instrumental)
7:35 Day By Day (Nujabes Remix) (Instrumental)
12:13 It's About Time (Instrumental)
17:06 D.T.F.N. (Instrumental)
21:11 The Old Light (Voices From 93 Million Miles Away Remix) (Instrumental)
25:31 Child's Attraction (Instrumental)
31:34 People Dont Stray (Instrumental)
35:41 Kalitwutchawon2 (Remix) (Instrumental)
38:41 Ain't No Mystery (Instrumental)
43:17 Remembering Dave (Instrumental)
47:06 Slow Down (Instrumental)
50:36 Grey Matter (Instrumental)
53:58 Lyrical Terrorists (Instrumental)
57:44 Messing With My Head (Instrumental)
1:01:36 CIM (Instrumental)
1:04:55 Unstoppable (Instrumental)
1:09:19 Latitude (Instrumental)
1:13:04 Spiritual State feat. Uyama Hiroto (Tribe Special Edition Mix)

The 2nd volume of 'The Vinyl Instrumentals' will be released soon.

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