Wednesday, October 9, 2019

We Stay True | Dephect Mix 2019

O.G Dephect family Mr Brown has put together an exclusive mix for us featuring some favorite tracks from his We Stay True imprint, including the brand new debut release by The Cromagnon Band. We Stay True is a small independent label releasing quality music on vinyl, and on it's own terms. Enjoy.


1. Mr Brown "Miss You Monday" from Beats For Days
2. DJ Drinks "Theme III" from Nightline
3. Confucius MC & Mr Brown "Artiste" from The Artform
4. The Cromagnon Band "Thunder Perfect"
5. Armed Dukes "Strife" from Calibre
6. Mr Brown "Renewal" from Beats For Days 2
7. Confucius MC & Mr Brown "Sincere Love" from The Artform
8. DJ Drinks "Rocks" from Nightline
9. Armed Dukes "Falling Down" from Calibre
10. Mr Brown "The Time Stealer" from Beats For Days 2
11. Confucius MC & Mr Brown "Different Ending" from The Artform
12. The Cromagnon Band "Green Smoke"

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