Friday, October 11, 2019

Jackson Junge Gallery "The Surreal Deal" 10th Anniversary Gala October 26th, 2019

The Jackson Junge Gallery is celebrating their 10th year of creating a cultural center, showcasing Chicago based artists. Over the years, the gallery has gained the reputation of establishing a creative environment in which artists and viewers can culminate to appreciate the arts. Breaking the barriers of traditional gallery experiences, Jackson Junge Gallery has also become known for their open accessibility to the arts, supporting local artisans, creating memories through private and public events, superior custom framing services and as an international destination for world travelers to the Wicker Park/Bucktown Arts District.

In 2009, Laura Junge and Chris Jackson opened Jackson Junge Gallery to add to the growing arts community in Chicago's Wicker Park / Bucktown neighborhood. “Our initial intention was to open a cultural center in which Chicago based artists would get a chance to showcase their works in a professional environment,” says Jackson. “It can be somewhat daunting for a new artist to break down the barriers to exhibit their work. There is so much great talent in our city that we wanted to give local artists the opportunity and provide a mentorship to guide them through the early stages of their career.”

After 10 years Jackson Junge Gallery now showcases more than 50 artists, mainly focused on upcoming local talent. The Gallery has hosted over 120 special exhibitions and public events that have featured artists from all over the world. Jackson Junge Gallery’s goal has been to generate a cultural center encompassing a compilation of the arts, by combining all the services associated with an art gallery presented in an innovative artistic environment.

Exhibiting both emerging and established artists in a wide range of mediums, the gallery is identified by its atmosphere, function and energy. It is the gallery’s ambition to showcase an array of contemporary art and handmade functional and non-functional crafts, making it an extraordinary destination for all individuals interested in the arts looking for unique gifts or coveting to build a personal collection. Located on a busy section of Milwaukee Avenue just north of Division St. and south of North Ave., the Jackson Junge Gallery attracts a diverse clientele. Everyone from the ardent art aficionado to the casual admirer, our clients have delighted in the comfortable and open ambiance they find inside.

Originally just functioning as an art gallery and framing shop, the gallery has expanded to hosting private events, housing local jewelry designers and other local artisans, which has only contributed to the cultural growth of the gallery and the neighborhood. After hosting their own wedding celebration in the space in 2010, Junge and Jackson committed to opening the gallery to events of all kind. Weddings, birthday parties, fashion shows, dance recitals, baby showers are just sampling of the many memories created at the gallery. However, Jackson Junge Gallery prides itself on the support of local charities and non-profit organizations to host their fundraising events in a unique environment.

In celebration, Jackson Junge Gallery will be hosting an Anniversary Gala on Saturday, October 26, 2019 for the artists and patrons who have supported the gallery’s mission over the past ten years. In the spirit of promoting local, the gallery has partnered with CollaborAction Theater Company, a Wicker Park staple, to showcase the neighborhood working together to further the artistic scene in Chicago. Moving forward Junge states, “It is such a unique learning experience to be an artist and gallery owner. That perspective that has influenced my work as an artist and proprietor. In a time where more galleries are closing, it is an honor to be celebrating 10 years and we look forward to what the future holds.” Jackson embellishes, “It’s a special time and we want to give back to the artists, patrons and other business owners in the neighborhood who have supported us through the years.”

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