Sunday, October 13, 2019

Chance the Rapper | We Go High | Official Music Video

The latest visual from Chance the Rapper "We Go High" of his debut album "The Big Day" starring Dana Nozime. Chance forgets no one and I believe no one will forget Chance. Some people my be hard on him but I want them people to know he is already hard on himself. Take the time an appreciate what he is done and support the positivity and the great energy.

Chance the Rapper | We Go High | Official Music Video

Director of Photography - Patrick Wimp
Production Designer - Joe Esquivel

Casting Director - Zach Bradley
Co-Producer - Mark Ginski
Production Coordinator - Taylor Gillen
1st Assistant Director - Quinn Wilson
2nd Assistant Director - Kelsie Hardison
Key Production Support - Kelsey Bunner
Production Support - Kyle Mantegna
Production Support - Blake Bonaparte
Production Support - Michael Gorman
Production Support - Andrew Freer
Director's Assistant - Natalia Salazar
Art Director / Set Dresser - Zac Hall
Master Carpenter - Will FitzPatrick

Set Builder / Art Hand 1 - Caswell James
Prop Master - Jose Fuentes
Additional Art Hand - Prince Jai
Rain Rig Operator - Jabu Dawdu
Projection Display - Stoptime LTD
Projection Tech Director - Chris Andrews
Tech Assistant - Liviu Pasare
Tech Assistant - Sophia Castro
2nd Unit Director - Jake Linden
Additional Shooter - Michael Hoday
Additional Shooter - Travis Baker

DIT - Sam Paakanon
Storyboard Artist - Julien Bishop
Chance's Photo Double - DeMorris Burrows
Lead Wardrobe Stylist - Kate Grube
Background Wardrobe Stylist - Robin Lee
Wardrobe Buyer - Nadya Laska
Additional Wardrobe Stylist - Kate Dorse
Lead Hair & Make Up Artist - Falyn Huang
Assistant Hair & Make Up Artist - Morgan Durrah
Additional Hair & Make Up Artist - Shamis McGillin
Gaffer - Kyle Ruckert

Key Grip - Sean O’Leary
Key Grip - Jim Petersen
BB Eletric - TJ Clounie
BB Eletric - Nate Coleman
BB Electric - Seth Oberle
BB Grip - Jon Benson
BB Grip - Amy Limpinyakul
Swing Crew - Igor Cedeño
Swing Crew - Nolan Srydol
Swing Crew - Rudy Schieder

Camera Operator - Ross Heran
1st Assistant Camera - Mac Kozi
2nd Assistant Camera - Nichole Harmon
Stedi-Cam Operator - Madalyn Momano


Mondial River West
Kim Mattes
Laura Oswald
Marco Lopez
Juan Herrera

Chance's HMU Stylist - Tia Dantzler
Chance's Barber - Yusif
Chance's Wardrobe - DJ Smedley


Anneilis Kennedy
Anthony Cooke
Brianna Perez
Brooklyn Wilde
Bruce Yelaska
Cameron Marselle
Chloe Leuthaeuser
Christian Creasy
Claudia Africano
Danny Villegas
Desmond Huey
Eric Schorsch
Hassan Evans
Hunter Bryant
Ian Phillips
Imanne Mondane
Janet Yuan
Jeniece Alford
Johnny Fentry Jr.
Jordan Knecht
Joseph Strong
Joshua Frias
Justin Krivda
Kaitlyn Kieronski
Kate Ferrara
Kate Hartman
Kayla Franklin
Kellen Shaffer
Lavelle Moore
Lidia Fitasova
Michail Williams
Mikey Gray
Miles Borchard
Sarah-Lucy Hill
Seth Boyer
Sophia Pietrkowski
Steve Pryzbytek
Trevor Earley
Tyler Brown
Vatonna Dunn
Vincent Fenner
Wallach Ochart
Zsa-Hnetta Edwards

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