Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Sa-Roc | Mami Wata | Wisdom Wednesday

"How could I be any less than amazing? Y’all bearing witness to greatness. Since ‘08 been on my grizzly, I’m Ursa Major. Art is labor-intensive, delivery’s harder than labradorite, Maybe that’s why my conceptions blessed and highly favored. I polish bars like a Gala(🍎),Leave impressions so weighty they blaming the 808 and the fall of man on my labia. Ooh that was a word. They might just sensor my speech till the letters are blurred. Homie, I provide heat and fly shit to these streets like feathers to bird. I’m Heru, Lyrical falcon. Hunting and stalking the alphabet, picking off every mark, only excepting Ws as outcomes. I’m outer space, the blackest background with light as my power base. Devour these novice rappers whole then eject their bones, they’re just not my taste. Y’all Aquafina, I’m Mami Wata. Come dock at my marina, Ingest my title streams till I baptize your flock new Ark believers. I park these trains of thought on tracks-derail their plots for features. Only Roc w/ Ntozakes, Sonias, Nayyirahs and Ninas." - Sa-Roc

Wisdom Wednesday
Produced by Sol Messiah
Video by Tommy Nova

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