Friday, January 25, 2019

Mulatto | South Beach | Freestyle

Miss Mulatto is a artist who has the potential and skills to apply to the masses if that's the lane she wants to go. I've been a fan since The Rap Game. When I'm a fan of someone I stay a fan. Even without her looks I feel she has the ability to be a great artist. When I hear a song I like to hear it without visual so I can get my full perspective of it. The visuals sometimes throw off the song. In this case her latest videos have been showing off her sexuality. Growth in the music industry or just in art is something that can sometimes be misconstrued. If you can't just be yourself then its not worth it. We only have one life and we have to live it as us.

Mulatto | South Beach | Freestyle (Prod. by Spaghetti J)

P.S. The title says "South Beach Freestyle" and that's what it is in Mulatto Let Em Know Fashion!

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