Monday, January 7, 2019

Elaquent | Onigiri | Mello Music Group

Mello Music Group is proud to announce Elaquent's first album with MMG "Blessing In Disguise" out February 22nd.

Blessing in Disguise, the new album from the Guelph-bred producer Elaquent, merges the digital with the physical in a way that makes each seem new, and each seem very alive. It’s technically innovative music that reminds you, at every turn, that it’s been crafted by a living, breathing, upright human. It’s beat music informed by the past with an eye toward the future. And as its title implies, Blessing in Disguise also grapples with one of life’s central questions: how do you recover from your lowest moments to not only move forward, but to become stronger?

Produced by Elaquent…isguise

2019 Mello Music Group
Sounds Beautiful Like The Truth

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