Friday, April 6, 2018

Inari | Ironlak Studio

Sydney based visual artist Inari gets to work on a canvas inside the Ironlak Studio in Brisbane, Australia.

Inside the studio or outside on walls – Inari has a multidisciplinary approach to her craft. Whether it’s bold, vivid brush strokes on canvas with Ironlak Oil Paint, or getting down with traditional large scale aerosol portraiture; this Sydney based, Melbourne bred creative gets it done.

We hung out with Inari for a whole week of good times in our HQ Ironlak Studio, and made a beautiful mess inside an empty warehouse office space.

Inari prefers Ironlak Oil Paint when working on canvas because of her approach to texturing each piece, and the slower drying time which allows her to work seamlessly over multiple painting sessions.

Shot: Oblvs ( & Carl Steffan (
Cut: Oblvs (
Music: Klimeks – ‘Transcend’

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