Sunday, April 8, 2018

Style Discipline | Puerto Rico, 2018

Last month we got out to ‘Style Discipline’ in Puerto Rico to commemorate the life of PUN 18 & SCAN.

“The vision has always been to assemble the biggest group of stylers from all over the world, on one wall, here in Puerto Rico. Pun's mission was always about exploring and pushing style beyond it's limits. He shared his love for letters and their movement with us all and through that, he connected the group of artist that formed the lineup that rocked this jam.

Big Shout out to all the crews that were involved, ADM, 3A, GFR, DOH, LSD, TCI, FDC, and BA.” - SELEK

Catch the final pieces going up this week at @ironlak (

Shot/cut: Honest (


BEZ (@mrbezism), TRAGEK (@tragek1), SEWK (@ sewk_dsbois), GRAB (@grabster), XBN (@mr.xbn), SIGHT (@scieter), TRACE (@Trace1_), KEMS (@allchrome), MAST (@indeliblefunk), DEFY (@mosdefynite), GESER (@geser3a) BACON (@vizla_bacon), STAE2 (@getfreshrailroad), SELEK (@nelsonselek), ZEK (@zek156), LKS (@_jrkiks), SKAM (@skamoney), NEK (@nekuno), MAPLE (@4_autumnfalls), TENSOE 2 (@mr_tensoe2), CELF (@vtmnc), JAROE (@kenny_dontplay), CUBA (@el_cubano975), SON (@son_coro), ADORE (@troublesometroy), SENCK (@Senckcinq), SNIKR (@snikrdbs), REKAL (@rekalism), LOBS (@lobsta.lobs), RUSTE (@ruste_bee), SNIPE (@alexsnipes_ag), BAKER (@homelessguysdog), VINSE (@vinserisms)


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