Sunday, August 27, 2017

Does Chicago Breed The TOUGHEST Basketball Players? "Heart Of The City: F.I.N.A.O."

In the 3rd episode of our 4 part "Heart of The City" series we take a look at Chicago, arguably the toughest basketball city in the country to grow up in. We take a look at what some of Chicago's most respected basketball figures have to say.

In the face of this unspeakable tragedy the city has banded together. It's basketball community is extraordinarily tight-knit, and its resolve is proven and emboldened with every passing summer. Everything is on the line on every is their escape and 'hoop' is all they know.

Will Bynum, Bobby Simmons, Sonny Parker & Scottie Pippen talk about the struggles hoopers face growing up. The reality out their front door is much different than the realities many of us face on a daily basis. Mentors like Larry Stewart, Mike Irvin, Simeon Coach Rob Smith & Lefty Boyd do their best to keep kids and adults off the street and in the gyms.

The story of Saieed Ivey is unfortunate. With every loss comes a chance to lead those following to a better future. Chareda Carter should be the last mother to tell this story. Failure Is Not An Option, not for those in the city of Chicago or for kids around the world.

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