Monday, August 28, 2017

Day Zero | Documentary on Smino + Zero Fatigue | Mass Appeal

Smino is undeniably dope. The St. Louis native comes from a musical family, with his father being a keyboardist and his mother a singer and a grandfather that played with the blues legend Muddy Waters. Yet, following high school, Smino felt like he had to leave his family and his hometown to pursue a career in music in Chicago.

"I left on some desperate shit," Smino says in our new documentary, DAY ZERO. "The way I left St. Louis, I got a bag and a place to sleep. And the place I had to sleep was a small booth in this place called the Music Factory.”

That experience gave Smino a creative community and a path to success. On March 14, he released his debut solo album, blkswn, through his own Zero Fatigue label in partnership with Downtown Records. Even though he left home to find his success, the release date--3/14--was an ode to his hometown's area code. As he states in the film's opening, “We done came a long fucking way. We done been on the east coast. South, west coast. We been to Canada. But still ain’t no motherfucking city fucking with St. Louis, Missouri. And that’s just as 100 as I can keep it.”

DAY ZERO follows Smino as he returns home to closeout his first headlining tour. The film documents his dedication, his motivation, his music, and his undeniable love for the city that raised him. Watch the full-length doc above.

Director: Harrison A.W. Corwin
Executive Producer: Peter Bittenbender, Josh Deutsch
Editor: Sean Gordon-Loebl
Director of Photography: Kelsey Smith
Camera Operator + Steadicam: Tim Ciavara
Producers: Chris 'Classick' Inumerable, Henny Yegezu, Trish Sterling, Annie Chen, Sean Gordon-Loebl, Harrison A.W. Corwin

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