Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Money. Brower. Respect. | The Documentary

Mass Appeal presents the latest documentary "Money. Brower. Respect." featuring Brooklyn's own Gloss Gang.

There’s a t-shaped urban oasis called Brower Park that sits in the center of Crown Heights. Four acres of grass, trees and concrete, surrounded by the blocks that faced riot gear and broken glass during the Crown Heights riots 26 years ago.

Brownstones lining those streets peer almost ominously, as if the energy of the park has drawn them in after years of watching from such a close distance.

It was in this park, where a group of kids came together, bridging the gap from hobby into full-blown rap careers. They called themselves Gloss Gang.

Their videos found their way onto social media over the past few years. Music videos like “Feelin Good” represented quintessential Gloss Gang — awash with ad-libs, their clips feature what seems like half of Crown Heights rapping along with their lines and bouncing to the beat, experiencing something felt more than understood.

The Gloss Gang’s music distances itself from that of bygone Brooklyn rappers, toeing the line between frenetic and melodic with dexterity. They perform only one way it seems, with as many of their friends around them as possible, all rapping along. They don’t give a fuck if you like it as long as they like it.

Such videos provide a small indication of Gloss Gang’s support in their own neighborhood. In a city that’s been handed over to corporations and condominium developers, Brower Park was the place where Swook and Stackz and countless others could live, grow and develop their own unique style.

MASS APPEAL’s latest documentary film, crafted by director Nick Briggs, reveals the struggle and the pain, the highs and the lows of these emerging artists.

You’ll hear from Swook, Stackz, as well as frequent collaborators Bee Staxx, Adrian Lau and their manager Sheriff PJ. You’ll watch them grow through unprecedented access to archival footage spanning a ten-year period. You’ll learn that Gloss Gang’s not really a duo, but in fact a trio (their third member, Vonna Hurk along with affiliated group 2605, were incarcerated earlier this year).

There’s the pain and happiness, tragedy and success all through the eyes of individuals who really live the shit they rap about.

Amidst it all, Gloss Gang still remains stronger than ever. Hungry for more, ready to make their name known. To put their neighborhood on their back.

To make the name “Brower” ring around the world.

Watch the film here and check out their most recent video for Immediately, live on Mass Appeal.

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