Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Oshun | Sango | Official Music Video

The official video for "Ṣango", a single from the aforementioned record, marks the beginning of this transition. In the Yoruba pantheon, Ṣango is the ideal lover for Oṣun as her fierce protector. Ṣango provides Divine and positive masculine energy to balance well with Oṣun's Divine feminine energy.

While coming to terms with the imbalance and challenges of modern relationships today, OSHUN searches for the Divine and positive masculine energy in their new video.

Watch OSHUN's journey through love, passion, and good character as they demand to "rise to Love", rather than fall.

Written by OSHUN & Jonah Best
Directed by Jonah Best
Featuring Xxavier "Superzay" Polk
MUA Raisa Flowers
Stlyed by Stitch n Run
Art Design by Prisca Choe

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