Monday, February 15, 2016

Menagerie | Written by Drew Dir and Directed by Lee Stark | Puppet Designer Sam Deutsch

After 15 years, 240 world premiere theater pieces, and being hailed “the premiere short play festival in the Midwest” by the Chicago Reader, Collaboraction's Annual SKETCHBOOK Festival took it's final bow at the place where it all started, the Chopin Theatre. Here is a piece title "Menagerie" from the show

Written by: Drew Dir
Directed by: Lee Stark
Puppet Designer: Sam Deutsch

Kit: Amber Hugee
Elephant: Alex Stein
Giant Ostrich 1: Andy Lampl
Giant Ostrich 2: Marta Evans
Anglerfish: Andy Lampl
Mad Llama: Marta Evans
Tiny Cockroach: Molly Corkins

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