Monday, February 22, 2016

@KiShonFurlow | Golden | Official Music Video

Welcome Ki'Shon Furlow to the Collision Records Fam! Leave a comment here and on his socials and show love! You'll be hearing a lot more from him! Watch the first of many videos from Ki'Shon Furlow, featuring the first single, "Golden" from his new EP, "Voices" available for PRE-ORDER on iTunes NOW.

PRE-ORDER #Golden today!

"Golden" is a song about fans who treat their favorite artists like a golden goose, only wanting and expecting hits—“substance or no substance, just gimme a banger.” While he will supply, Ki’Shon still warns fans that the way some of them look to him for all of the hits, is not much different than the way others in the past looked at the golden calf.

Ki’shon will make dope records, but he wants to caution fans not to idolize him and other rappers because of it.

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