Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Block Party 2015 | Saturday, Sep. 12, 2015 | Boulder, Colorado | #SXSTV


We want to bring back the Block Parties. The ghetto rigged bandstands made of folding tables, with sound systems stecked full of ghetto blasters and subs wired up to the powerlines.... The raw vibe you get from rockin' outdoors with the sun at your back and concrete under your feet.

OK maybe not quite so raw, but we ARE taking The Block Party OUTSIDE again! But this year, we are going BIGGER (of course) with a BIGGER dance floor and MORE seating and BETTER amenities! It's going to be out of this world!

Oh, and of course it's a free event (as usual)!

---Schedule Outline (tentative)---
10AM: Workshop #1 - Toogie - Contemporary
11AM: Workshop #2 - Lil G - Power Technique Condition and Control
12PM: Workshop #3 - Archie Burnett - Club Culture 101
1PM: Outside music starts
1:30: Battles start (rolling signups)
~3/3:30: Prelims end, Colorado Tricking Tribe Showcase
Cypher Time!
4:00: Top 16
~5:30: Cypher time!
6:00: Top 8 through finals
8:30PM: Battles end, awards and special categories!

9PM: Performances start
10:30PM: Dance party starts
12AM: Shut down

Sign Up: Day of the event: no cap!!!

5 vs 5 open styles (any style is welcome to battle and all types of music will be played at random)

Whispers: Arch Enemies, St. Louis.

Guest MCs:
Ah-Pong Nguyen
Yo Hanzo Sung

HazMat, Worm Tank Crew, Lafayette, CO
BMoney, Crunk Bros, Denver, CO
AlphaTrion: Risen from the Ashes/WarMachine DJs, Atlanta, GA

1. Jesse "Crank" Sykes: Boogietechz, Salt Lake City, UT.
2. Archie Burnett: "Dancing Dinosaur", International.
3. Lydia Purves-Ware: The Difference Between, Millennium Dance Complex, Los Angeles, CA.
4. BBoy Lil G: Speedy Angels Family/Redbull BC One Allstars/Vinotinto/Super Crew, Venezuela.
5. Nubian Nene: IHOW Canada, Ivy League and Jack-O-Lution, NYC.

Special Categories Judge:
Dennis Gunderson

Saturday: https://www.facebook.com/events/14939...
Lil G
Archie Burnett

Sunday: https://www.facebook.com/events/14643...
Jesse Sykes
Lydia Purves-Ware
Markus Paolo Pe Benito

Please register at http://www.block1750.com/workshops

Side By Side Dance Company
United WE Dance (underGROUND Crew)
Backbone Dance Company
Academy Of Raw
Blowup KingZ

Block 1750, Boulder CO
Originate Clothing, Denver CO
The BBoy Federation, SLC UT
Queenz of Hip Hop, Denver CO

If you would like to vend please contact Alex at 3036189778.




Let's dance.

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