Monday, September 28, 2015

Cheerito Vs Kareem | Finals | Lionz Of Zion 19th Anniversary | Pro Breaking Tour | BNC

Lionz of Zion 19th Year Anniversary

Presented by the Pro Breaking Tour & Sanctioned by UDEF
Sponsored by Silverback BBoy Events
Powered by Monster Energy
Pro Breaking Tour -

1 v 1 Finals

Cheerito (Illusion Of Exist)

Runner Up
Kareem (Rock Force/Vagabonds/Fallen Kings)

- Wicket (Renegades / Footwork Fanatics)
- Nemesis (Breaks Kru)
- Funt (Illusion of Exist / Powermove Conspiracy)
- Exzooberant (Ground Zero Crew)
- Lego (Flipside Kings)

Trus Real
Shawn Lucas (Ov3rkill Entertainment)

FLEG (Lionz Of Zion)

Watch The Live Stream Replay :

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