Monday, September 28, 2015

Limitless Soundz | The Prettiest | Video

“Impossible is a figment of the imagination and limitations are by choice,” says Chicagoan Lyricist L.S also known as Limitless Soundz. Born and raised on the South East side of Chicago L.S offers what he calls “Red Pill Music”; music that wakes up audiences from a false reality or dream world and brings them back to actual reality, sometimes with subtle messages but often times being forthcoming. With music being his focal point, L.S also is a vocalist, poet, playwright, actor and a Columbia College graduate with a BA in Journalism.

"With a colorful blend of diverse lyricism, melodic tunes, hardcore punchlines and a brash delivery L.S plans to captivate minds while using a cohesive theme of optimism, social injustice, spirituality and self-conflicting ideologies. Through his music, his brand and his lifestyle L.S ultimately hopes to push the message that there are no limitations, boundaries, or restrictions we as a people can’t overcome, because he believes all things are possible."

Check out the newest video from Limitless Soundz off his debut album "Legend In The Makin" availale at

The concept of the video is to promote the idea of "Natural Beauty".
Often times in Hip-Hop and R&B music superficiality is exaggeratedly glorified.
The standards of Hollywood beauty is based on nearly unattainable characteristics.
So instead of continuing that pattern,
in this video I want show women of all shapes, sizes, colors and backgrounds,
presenting themselves in their natural state.
The purpose is to encourage natural beauty, amongst ALL women,
and to allow them the chance to feel beautiful with or without any beauty enhancer.
I feel that THIS video, THIS message and similar messages
can create a MOVEMENT by affirming our OWN standards of beauty
instead abiding by someone else's.

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