Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Longshot | Black Chad Volume One | Mixed by Juan Cosby

As Longshot works on projects, he always has "extra" music that doesn't or wont make the final cut for a release, but he still wants to put those songs out.

So, Longshot is doing a 'Black Chad' free download/mixtape series that previews some of the projects he has been working on and also highlighting some of the tracks you might not ever hear.

Longshot only works with fam, so guest emcees include Psalm One, Pugslee Atomz Andre Mariette and his little brother Veye. Kenny Keys, TGIK, Yung Diamond, Smokie Morroco, xela nottus and Nanotek handle the production.

Mixed by Cincinnati DJ Juan Cosby. Hope you enjoy....Black Chad.

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