Friday, October 17, 2014

PLG | Learn Truth

Propaganda in the Lost Generation (PLG) is a hip-hop duo from Long Island, NY. Propaganda is the manipulation of media to promote a particular viewpoint; music is the media, hip-hop is the culture.

While growing up in Hollis, Queens and moving out the Long Island, PLG has always been surrounded by hip-hop; it became a lifestyle. Since then the mission has been to refine and master the art and resurrect it back to its true form with a smooth flow, dope lyrics, and headboppin' beats. Both emcees (Born G.O.D. and Jayy Geee) are brothers that offer different styles that come together on a track. Their chemistry masterfully comes together on every song.

After creating a buzz on their Soundcloud ( PLG is working on their first official project called "Preservers of the Headbop". They've released one track off the mixtape "Learn Truth". This is only the beginning for these talented emcees as they continue their journey.

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