Monday, October 20, 2014

Cazal Organism | Bubbles (So High) ft. K-Natural and Dezi Paige

Cazal Organism | Bubbles (So High) ft. K-Natural and Dezi Paige

Directed by: Dina Juntila

“Bubbles (So High)” is the very latest single from Cazal Organism to drop on Delicious Vinyl. Featuring vocals from singer Dezi Paige and rapper K-Natural, the song talks to listeners of allowing everyday LA life to wash over you and enjoying the high that it brings. The production boasts Cazal’s signature touch as soaring foamy synths are grounded by whirring, hip-hop accented beats.

The accompanying music video is a fittingly dream-like visualization of the song’s sudsy sentiment and celestial groove. Directed by Dina Juntila, the video sees Paige and K-Natural drive around Los Angeles in a kaleidoscopic homage to California’s trippy side.

“Bubbles (So High)” is the first single from Cazal Organism’s forthcoming, yet-to-be-titled, EP. With the direction of Michael Ross, aka Mike Floss, the EP will see the jazzier edge of Cazal’s production style complimented by collaborations with an array of local talent including the likes of Casey Veggies, Dezi Paige, Joe Styles and K-Natural. -- Alice Price-Styles

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