Thursday, September 11, 2014

7evenThirty | The Problem (Prod. Gensu Dean) | Official Music Video

7evenThirty’s “The Problem” was written prior to Ferguson and edited during the peak of protests in Missouri. It speaks from the heart about the continuing problem facing us. Sadly, it's not just about Ferguson, it's about what is going on every single day across the country and has been since the beginning. It is about how everyone in these communities is affected and what is does to us all mentally.

“What are these police on/theme song must be who shot ya/playing victim what you want a Oscar/grant me a pass Mr. Officer/I’m face down in the mainstream while you pull the trigger to my back/the problem is that the problem ain’t rap/can you help me articulate that.”

From the Album "The Problem"
Directed by Jay Brown
After FX by Paul Mihailoff
Produced by Gensu Dean

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