Thursday, May 23, 2013

Epicly Later'd: Brandon Westgate (Part 1, 2, 3) | SkateLife

Brandon Westgate's part in Stay Gold was fucking awesome. To people really paying attention, this was not much of a surprise—he's been killing it for about 6 years now. Brandon is usually the kind of person that people write about by saying "he lets his skating do the talking," and that really doesn't work for our purposes, so Patrick went up to Wareham and coaxed Brandon into talking about cranberry bogs, lawn mower parts, and dentists who trade Vicodins for BJs.

Part 2
You know when the Dalai Lama dies and all the older monks go out and scour the country side for his reincarnation? That's kind of what Steve Rodriguez does every time someone is poached from his team. Instead of laying out bells, glasses, and other assorted Lama possessions on a blanket to see if any of the young Lama candidates recognize them, Steve has a demo at Solstice Skate Shop in New Bedford, Massachusetts and lets the next big thing skateboarding come to him.

Part 3
In this particular episode of the Brandon Westgate series, not only is the skating the gnarliest, but an old lady tries to impede his efforts in constructing the perfect video part.

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