Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Khary & Lege Kale | Stronger

This is the 1st single off of our joint EP, Tidal Graves.

Download/Stream: https://soundcloud.com/sorrykhary/str...

Spotify & Apple Music soon!

Produced by: Lege Kale
Mixed/Mastered by: Mike Irish
Shifted Recording Studio

I wear revenge like a wedding ring
I hope you know this changes everything
Left me for me dead, saw my SOS
But it’s too late cuz I'm gone
Love me you say you love me but you don't
Call me do not call me on my phone
Burning bridges burning when in Rome
Stronger I've been stronger on my own

Way too comfortable
I got way too close
You know I ain’t like most
Space Ghost Coast to Coast
When I’m up to bat
I give you Sammy Sos’
Where your panties go?
Where that animal?
Wait a minute just hold up
I remember the old us
If you gone play games
Then I’m gone play games
But I won’t pass the controlla
What these bitches want from a nigga?
Feeling like DMX, seeing text
You was on my dick like a BMX
Showed you a lil bit of love
Now you got big head you a Chia Pet
Can’t forget you being wet
You know a nigga treat you right
You know I gave that pussy life
Take off that blouse
Mouth to mouth resuscitation
How you gon’ forget about the EMS
I just had to leave Rhode Island
In order to become the man that I am
Did you ever think about how you did me?
I was homeless oh how perfect the timing
Women didn't get my me back in my city
Now all this wet around me I am Poseidon
Pampered bitches having babies need Pampers
Well tell the dead beat daddy he should supply them
I'm on my own

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