Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Belve EP | Prod. by The SEVENth

BELVE is an African American hip-hop artist, currently based in Metro Detroit. Although his hometown (Grand Rapids,MI - USA) may lack the number of people or the massive infrastructures that big cities posses, it has just as much joy, pain, passion, and pride as any place in the world; and such things can be felt when tuning into to Belve’s debut self titled EP.

While Belve slangs vocals around, The SEVENth (@SeventhSounds) of @AGO_Music handles the recording, mixing, and production on each and ever track. Together, the two bring a tasteful blend of modern rap, and usher in a sense of nostalgia nodding to “golden era” hip-hop; which they believe was more raw and in-your-face than music is today.

Lead single “Parade In The Night” transfers you into Belve’s surroundings while he does just what the song title suggests. Such surrounding can be seen in the music video which was shot on location by OrangeCap in his hometown, the south-east side of Grand Rapids,Michigan.

Artwork by Terence harp II. Belve handles majority of vocals, with assistance from The SEVENth & @WaldoAGO, and D.C based singer Jenna Camille.

Released by Xylem International, L.L.C
Executive produced by: The SEVENth

SC: @belveofficial

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