Thursday, August 11, 2016

Frank Castle | Freed0m | Music Video Editor's Cut Dir. by A1Vision

Frank Castle | Freed0m | Music Video Editor's Cut Dir. by A1Vision

Produced By Stan Da Man

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Frank Castle releases a brand new music video for "Freed0m". It's the next single off his upcoming mixtape, "B.U.T.T.E.R".

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@StanDaManBKNY / @Stan_da_man_bkny


(Verse 1)
I'm coming from the gutter the same place that a body your mother/different melanin and pigments but you still my brother we bleed the same color share the same trades
We all black our ancestors was slaves, we all the same but different shades/
Black and Hispanic a leave the government in panic/when we unity as one they killing our sons through barrel of the gun, racial profiling sending us to rikers island expecting us to stay silent I'm sick and tired of all this getting flipped, being told we gonna grow up to be that or this/ don't tell kids that shit I'm praying for Bernie on my allegiance/ or they'll burn me like I'm a heathen / they can't stop me from breathing Rest in peace to Eric Gardner they don't wanna see us get further or progress and get far using us to bombard our equality is scarred unifying together that's our only trump card/

(Verse 2)
I'm speaking for the voiceless the ones that sell crack, or catching pig's skin is our only choices the shit seems pointless our lives are being numbered we counting down the days/ I was born with that Taino heart the blood of a slave
With a spaniard brain a perfect blend like a fade/ cops got us on the wall
Playing charades so the prisons get paid calling us spics and spades but Ain't enough copper in our fields to vanish away/

(Verse 3)
RIP to Alton sterling killed in cold blood for selling music CDs our hearts are hurting shit is getting worsened Not being able to survive the end of the night and walk the same path as Tamir rice a twelve year old gunned down by police brutality I use my voice cause it's blasphemy it's hard to not act rationally/ all they do is think we dance salsa or bachata and drink grape soda or pray to allah nah nigga we educated built for greatness but living in the matrix cause our mindstate is naked/ our justice system is tainted filled with hatred a bunch of racist, racial profiling us to catch cases/while we turning up sippin' leaning and dabbing they sitting down in they cop cars just laughing/just like Nas said it was all Written this ain't what you call freedom this is called temporary living/

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