Thursday, August 25, 2016

Danny Matos | Ota Benga | Music

For up-and-coming New York rapper Danny Matos, 'The Tarmac' is the culmination of hard work, determination, and incredible skill. He’s dropped some serious heat this past year, kicking off with the well received 'Hangar EP' in addition to various loosies. But it’s 'The Tarmac' that pulls it all together, showcasing one of the city’s bright young talents.

At a concise and cohesive ten tracks, this project hits its stride immediately, pulling in listeners with the powerful lead single, “Fought The Devil” and refusing to let go. That’s because Matos and his go-to producers, Rusty Mack and The Red Walrus, put their all into what they create. Where his passionate delivery provides a view into the fire in his belly, the musical duo’s colorful instrumentals display their unique approach, complementing each other perfectly.

That goes for any topic Matos decides to tackle. He deftly takes on difficult subject matter including depression (“Fought The Devil”), heartbreak (“Too Soon”), and society’s view of women and men (the brilliant one-two punch of “Red Carpet Globe (Animus)” and “Stay Together (Anima).” While these topics can seem heavy, there’s also a swagger to Matos and how he views his own abilities. He brags and boasts his way through several cuts, including “Music Thing” and “Dice,” but it’s never a braggadocio overload from the kid.

“This project shows some confidence, but it also shows some darkness,” Matos explains. “Whether people admit that or not, there’s no escaping it. Human beings have a duality within them at all times, and we’re constantly blurring the lines between both of our sides. I think I’m just way more comfortable with it now.”

That comfort allows him to open up and flex, sometimes even on the same track. While closer “Bring Me” isn’t super-heavy on bravado, it does take some moxie to throw caution to the wind like he does on that track. When he croons, “I don’t know where I’m going, but I know I gotta bring me,” you believe it—and you’re also wishing him the best. 'The Tarmac' is now available through all major digital retailers and streaming portals...enjoy your flight!

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