Tuesday, June 14, 2016

In The Future... | Vinyl Destination

DJ Jazzy Jeff and the crew are back with more music and even more fun in the premiere of Vinyl Destination Season 4. Along with special guests, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the crew head to Dubai to ring in the new year. Preparing for the trip is a piece of cake for the Vinyl Destination crew, Jeff’s better half, Lynette finds the prep a bit more complicated. Cue the violins while she pleads her case.

New Year’s Eve gets off to a blazing start with more than just fireworks lighting up the sky. Soon after, DJ Jazzy Jeff lights up Barasti Beach with an electrifying show.

Music from this episode:

"It's A World Out There"
DJ Ferno x Dayne Jordan

Amir (15 North Dakota) prod. by DJ Jazzy Jeff

"Better Late Than Never"
Dayne Jordan prod. by DJ Jazzy Jeff

"Hands Way Up"
Gunnar Olsen

"Rescue Me'

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