Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Bernz | Smoke N' F**k | Prod. by Infamous

Bernz "Smoke N' F**k" off the album, "See You On The Other Side" Available 7.8.2016 | Prod. by Infamous

Bernz "Smoke N' F**k"
iTunes - http://apple.co/28WGpZY
New Bernz Hip Hop Song | Strange Music
See You On The Other Side | 7.8.2016

Listen on SoundCloud - http://bit.ly/290z2kL
Listen on Audiomack - http://bit.ly/29kXL4D

Bernz 'See You On The Other Side' is now available for preorder at strangemusicinc.net! Your order comes with a signed copy of the album, a t-shirt, a Strange Music decal, and an exclusive MP3 download.
Preorder - http://bit.ly/27UcLip

Preorder it on iTunes to get "Outta My Brain"
"When It's Gone" & "Vicious" instantly! - http://apple.co/1Z5Li7t

Check out music from the album:
"Outta My Brain" - https://youtu.be/GE-dLhMSAd4
"It Don't Go" - https://youtu.be/254dTjiVfPM
"When It's Gone" - https://youtu.be/oRexHgSdIjo
"Vicious" - https://youtu.be/7MdD_O4xVAM

Bernz on Twitter - http://twitter.com/ITSBERNZ
Facebook - http://facebook.com/officialbernz
Instagram - http://instagram.com/mrbernz

Thirstin Howl III on Twitter - https://twitter.com/ThirstinHowl3rd
Facebook - https://facebook.com/ThirstinHowlThe3rd
Instagram - https://instagram.com/thirstinhowlthe...
Soundcloud - http://bit.ly/1eiIevd
OFFICIAL - http://strangemusicinc.com
Official Merchandise - http://strangemusicinc.net
Tour Dates - http://strangevip.com


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