Sunday, November 2, 2014

FADER TV Bops Through Chicago's West Side With Sicko Mobb


No matter the style, sound, or era, hip-hop lives and dies in the street. Kids taking in the sounds and spirit of their ten-block radius and spewing out art so seamlessly they don't even realize it's art? It's just another Friday night. Here at FADER, we've been obsessed with the dance culture pulsing out of Chicago's west side known as bop, an elastic whirlwind of elbows and knees that draws from uprock breakdancing, Black frat strolling, and genderless body rolls, all set to melodies so sugary that the most skilled practitioners do kids birthday parties as a side hustle. One of the movement's theme songs is Sicko Mobb's "Fiesta," so during a recent trip to Chicago, the FADER TV crew caught up with the duo to hear about the culture from the dancers living it. "When people think of the current state of Chicago rap, they are mainly fascinated with the culture of violence, drugs, and other negative stories associated with drill," FADER producer Shomi Patwary explains. "They wanna drill, we wanna party, and make some money," says Sicko Mobb's Lil Ceno. "That's all we about out West." For more, be sure to subscribe to FADER TV.

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