Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Osunlade | featuring Supreme | Sour The Plan

With roots planted very much in the early jazz and soul influences of his formative years, 'A Man With No Past Originating The Future' is the latest album from Osunlade, one of the most creative and versatile producers and artists of his generation.

The American-bred, Greece-based producer has made a name for himself with his brand of soulful, African-inspired house music.
His latest full-length continues in this vein, with a highly organic sound palate and sumptuous rhythmic sensibility. The album features a guest appearance from a newcomer named Supreme, who lends vocals to the politically charged "Sour the Plan."
In addition to a CD release, Yoruba will issue 100 copies of the album on clear vinyl.

Yoruba will release A Man with No Past Originating the Future on January 28th, 2013.

Available now on iTunes: http://po.st/2O6arU

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