Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Joyner Lucas ft. Elijah James | Like A River | Official Music Video

This touches home in so many different ways. I never had a father figure and always wanted family which to me means someone that loves you unconditionally. Things don't always work out and my actions to my own kids shows that in a lot of ways I never understood what fatherhood is about. I really believed it was the distance and divide that took me away in most cases. I still to this day feel like I need more time and communication to build a true relationship with my children. This has always took a toll on my mental health and I payed for it everyday, just as I except it everyday.

If I could do it all over I would definitely change a few things. To me the greatest gift in life is bringing life into the world, but it's the bound or not the bound, that helps it become that beautilful spirit that will succeed. As you can see this is changing my mind state and in reality I love my children, I'm right here. I can say one last thing about this, I hope and pray my children are definitely in better shape than me with their children. When art and music can do that, it's meaningful and priceless. Check out the video, it's mad dope.

Joyner Lucas ft. Elijah James | Like A River | Official Music Video

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