Friday, April 17, 2020

Renzell. ft. theMIND + Mick Jenkins | IM DONE HOLDING MY TONGUE

IDHMT is a piece dedicated to embracing your fears and being unapologetically vocal and unambiguous. SHAPES took me to a place of reflection at a time when, as a producer, I was becoming comfortable servicing the dreams of other artists. As I step into my own vision, I embrace the mindset that the greatest and the best exist unobscured, seen, and authentic. Ive commited to existing in a space with the distinguished and renowned. Here is my first single, accompanied by theMIND and Mick Jenkins with some of their best verses to date (I could be bias lol) and Matthew skillz on the Bass along with a helpful keyboard hand of Charlie Coffeen which helped to bring this record to life.

This is the first Single from my Production Album #SHAPES

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