Thursday, November 30, 2017

Futuristic ft. nobigdyl | Human Being | Official Music Video

From Futuristic - The internet has made a lot of stars & I see kids freak out all the time over "famous" people. Social media allows you to portray an image that can be glamorous, exciting & make you seem like some sort of god when in all reality the people you idolize are no different than you! We make mistakes, we feel the same emotions & suffer with the same insecurities. "Human Being" is to let y'all know that we are all just people. No one person better than the other. The likes on your Instagram & the materialistic things that get flaunted over the web don't change the fact that we all have a heart & a brain. At the same time the expectations put on people with an influence can be outrageous & unrealistic. Dont be scared to come say what's up when you see me! Don't be scared to ask questions & show love but don't get mad if I can't respond cuz I'm a human & have family/friends & a job that keep me super busy! Love y'all ❤️ thanks for everything!

Futuristic ft. nobigdyl | Human Being | Official Music Video

New Ep “What More Could You Ask For” Available Now


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