Monday, April 3, 2017

Brother Ali | Own Light (What Hearts Are For) | Official Music Video

From Brother Ali's full length album, "All The Beauty In This Whole Life" out May 5th on Rhymesayers Entertainment:

Very excited to present the video for Own Light, produced by my friend Dave Wilson. It was filmed in the Pacific Northwest and is dedicated to our recently departed brother and mentor, Jonathan Moore. Thank you to everyone who took part in this project and social thanks to Dr Umar Faruq Abd Allah for the introduction and inspiration.

All The Beauty In This Whole Life drops May 5th.

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Written by Brother Ali
Produced by ANT

Intro & Inspiration by Dr. Umar Faruq Abd-Allah

Writer, Director, Producer, Director of Photography, Editor: Dave Wilson
Producer, AD, Gaffer, Post Production Supervisor: Gregory Evans
Producer, AC, Grip: Shaun Hamilton
Visual Effects: Nallely Arreola
Color: Keegan Holdt

Associate Producers:
Lissette Rodriguez
Wes Englebach
Renee Eddy

Principle Cast:
Kahara Hodges
Martin Sensmeier
Bri Larson
Tazbah Chavez
Jennifer Moore
Lina Wilson
Dale Hawkins
Eloise Pezzner
Sally Kay
Yasmine Elbaradie
Dr. Umar Faruq Abd-Allah
Dave Wilson
Theron Fryberg
Kelsi Umeko
Kiyo Mcgann
Emery Carl
Benjamin Shabazz
Alicia Sixtos
Veronica Sixtos
Brandon Poller
Amanya Maloba
Janice Ibarra
Markel Uriu
Sumeya Adem
Gregory Evans
Ava Holmes
Renee Eddy
Melany Bell
Annie Tran
Sacred Water
Lo Williams
Lynda Gresham
Boka Kouyate
Manimou Camara
Gnaköe Camara
Ruby Kotovic

Special thanks:
Tom Miller
Enrique Ortega
Aaron Mathess
Robert Wilson
Bethany Yellowtail
Tenika Fryberg
Conan Gale
Michael Kleven
Doug Vann
Harvey Ward Van Allen
Cindy Tran
Kim, Ben and Gus Kotovic
Lynda Gresham
Atammayataram Buddhist Temple
Marissa Baratian
Capoeira Malês and Mestre Curisco

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