Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Maffew Ragazino ft. Spazz One | Hectic | Official Music Video

Keeping in the tradition of Worldwide Wednesdays, here is the video for Hectic by Maffew Ragazino. The #BrownsvillesJesus record features his dearly departed cousin, Worldwide Paper Gang member, Robert Martin aka Spazz One and is produced by Paul Cabbin.

This video was originally shot in 2013 by MotionGraff. The video production was delayed temporarily because of conflicting schedules (for months).. and then finally halted due to unforeseen circumstances.

MotionGraff and Maffew had created a treatment for the record because it was Spazz' favourite song that they recorded together. Spazz and Maffew had not done any music videos together and they were eager to get one done.

As they continued to allow life's hurdles disturb them from finishing up the production, time slipped from underneath them. Spazz One was called home on the morning of November 14th, 2013. (Time waits for no man and nothing should be put off for tomorrow that can be done today.. that is what Maffew Ragazino learned from this situation.)

Fast forward.. Serge (the editor from MotionGraff's team) sent Maffew a message one day out of the blue three weeks ago regarding this video. He told him that he'd like to finish up the video with all of the footage they already had as a tribute to Spazz. Maffew couldn't disagree with that one bit.

And.. so.. here she is..


Produced by Paul Cabbin
Video Produced by MOTIONGRAFF®
Director: Serge Milstein
Director of Photography: Stephen Dirkes
Camera: Stephen Dirkes, Pre459 and Somatik.
Dancers: EJOE, FTL and Eris de la Cruz.

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