Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Streets by VICE: San Francisco | Market St.

Until recently, San Francisco, California – a small city of around 825,000 – wasn’t though of as a center for business. Rather, it was famed as an artistic, bohemian place with a history of flowing counter-cultures that spilled over America and the world, from the hippies in the hilly region of Haight-Ashbury to the gay rights movement in the Castro neighborhood. Times have changed. San Francisco has become the hype- and capital-fueled epicenter of America’s technology industry, which has traditionally centered on the string of suburban cities known as Silicon Valley 40 miles to the south. Many longtime San Francisco residents worry not only about being forced out of the city they love, but also that their city is being changed for the worse. Others are convinced that the injection of so many young people with technical skills, money to play with and no family ties will spawn a much needed creative renaissance.

Our host Karley Sciortino travels along Market Street, a main thoroughfare that cuts through the city’s historic neighborhoods, to investigate whether the tech boom has robbed San Francisco of its soul, or whether the vibrant and eclectic qualities it is known for remain intact.

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