Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Futuristic | Panda Remix #OneTake

Futuristic | Panda Remix #OneTake

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Black & white like a panda
need a girl wit a booty from Atlanta
grab a camera everybody at my shows act like the cops got a gun pointed at em hands up
I feel like drake did on ransom
young rich & handsome hotline bling dancin takin these chances remix these songs from rappers funny thing is you can't understand em
I got bars like the slammer i can cook like a grandma
every song is the anthem they yellin hot shit like country grammar
futuristic been killin I'm from the desert I don't like chillin made half million all from my building treat these women jus like a dentist no fillings

They don't really wanna get into everytime I do it its fluent it's movin look at the views I get
I leave you ruined u foolish u stupid look at the coolest kid
how I maneuver through it I'm coolin look at the dude he spit like call of duty uzi pointed at you like in a movie script
I'm wearin black in a hat in the cab like I'm a Jewish kid
yo girl is in my lap wit a ass lookin like nudist is better not turn your back when I rap do you like Brutus did
Got em sayin yea jus like usher I ain't never scared like bone crusher got a big head like a gusher like metro boomin I don't trust ya

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