Thursday, January 21, 2016

Khary ft. Masego | Zodiac | Music

Khary ft. Masego | Zodiac

Produced by: Tedd Boyd
Mixed/Mastered by: Mike Irish


See you met me,
at the right time
I got a lot of girls calling on my line
So don't hang up,
No not tonight
Just pretend I know your zodiac sign
You gone love me like an Aries
We gone cut like a Scorpio
No, no, no don't you dare me
Ain't no telling where your bra might go
I don't do love it scares me
But how you GOT me I do not know
But how I GOT you, you do not know

Verse 1:
We gon party with your rich friends
Drink the flask that you sneak in
I girls with tattoos and wheat timbs
But your nigga mad weak like wheat thins
I'm not tryna go off in the deep end,
We'll I'm tryna get off in your deep end
I'm at the club going up on a Tuesday
So who am I to judge you for your weekends
She got daddy issues he doing time upstate
Cuz he used to move weight had keys on a freight
She telling me her life story I'm just tryna fuck
so gotta listen though all his mistakes
Insecurities infused confidence
So you turning niggas down like condiments
I know your breath smells good from the compliments
Japanese Cherry Blossom that's a common scent
But, you don't wear that shit
you don't wear that shit
Designer fragrances
Chanel in your tumblr pics
Whatever makes you rich
Is, worth it in life
Not vain you just wanna like it nice
Cuz you living in the city where you gotta pay the price
And your mother always calls to make sure you got a knife
Gotta Henny bottle
And my roommates weed
Got no problem getting high alone
I was just hoping you could roll it up
My j's are always lopsided n shit
Dot dash dot,
All divided n shit
When we could close like water and a bridge
Rubbing both hands through my hair I don't pick
But your body language miss guided the dick


When I first saw you, I got fomo crazy
You ain't even got one,
I'll give you 4 more babies
Some do it for the love,
Some for Mercedes
But those things just crash or need upgrading
You need something more solid
Like a beach and a bank for deposits
What's a man to the money in your wallet?
I ain't got a car, but a stick you can drive it
Yes I'm 23, but my age don't matter
Though mine's like yours if it had've been backwards
They would label you a horse if you ass had've been fatter
You would probably have a ring if I had've been Saturn,
We probably wouldn't match if we had to be patterns,
But we're not floral,
So we get to decide what's in our worlds
Tell me what's an O when is not plural
It means your nigga ain't shit
when he got squirrels
I like them older girls
I like them older girls
They know what's up
You can be bolder girl
You can come over girl
If you want to fuck
I ain't got much to say
I ain't got much to prove
I'm a younger dude
Show me that you got that juice
Show me that you ain't no prune
I got hotel got rooms
Girl you wanna come to my hotel
Baby I will give you my room key
I'm feeling the way you carry yourself girl
I don't know the rest but R. Kelly's the shit
Why you gotta bull like a pit?
Like you ain't gonna stalk my pics
When give you my name
Niggas gassed off they Internet fame
I ain't tell you that rap, that's lame


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