Monday, August 3, 2015

#FAMILYGRIND (Phresh + Speech) | Heisenberg | Official Video

Today, is they launched the pre-order for #FAMILYGRIND (313phresh & TrueSpeech)’s second official full length studio album on Family Grind Entertainment, Cooking From The Underground.

To coincide with this announcement, they launched the 2nd video and single “Heisenberg” from the new project.

Directed & Shot by SOULBERG
Edited & Sequenced by 313phresh

Already well-known for bringing their own sound to the culture, Phresh and Speech have been tirelessly honing their skills since their last group offering “Pirate Radio” and they’re set to deliver their best work yet.


01. The Juice
02. All I Need
03. Friend or Foe
04. Wake Up
05. Heisenberg
06. Clockwatchers
07. 23:45
08. It’s Time
09. Hip Hop
10. New Jack City
11. What’s It’s Gonna’
12. Fck Your Flag

PRE-ORDER the DIGITAL version of #FAMILYGRIND ‘CFTU’ now at:


PRE-ORDER the PHYSICAL CD version of #FAMILYGRIND ‘CFTU’ from our store iLLStreet now and receive with your order:

- an autographed copy and an exclusive #FAMILYGRIND ‘CFTU’ sticker at:

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The brand new album from #FAMILYGRIND, Cooking From The Underground, is due out 9.8.15 on Family Grind Entertainment.

Pre-orders begin shipping 9.4.15.

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Official Website:
313phresh: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram
TrueSpeech: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram
Family Grind: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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